Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Hear the Train a -comin It's comin down the track

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Not only do I wish that you have a great time with family, but hope that we all remember the ones that have gone before us.  As I get older, I see that family genetics is stronger than one thinks. Good and the Bad.  So I celebrate the good gift my family genetics has given me and hopefully the lessons that I have learned.

This Friday I went plein air painting with friends in our community.  Our subject was an old train that had been a resturant at one time.  We all have wonderful memories of eating there, but now the place was totally in shambles.  We thought we'd paint it before it was taken down.

It was a lovely day, a bit on the chilly side but I was painting- so how could it be wrong. I did warn my friends that the train did come quite frequently on these tracks.  Sure enough - ding ding ding when the road guards and here came the train.

We were all excited to have this real touch of chugga chugga choo choo.   About an hour later, here came a railroad pick-up down the track.   Hm ladys, we need  you to move!  OOOPs,  well good thing we were about done painting.  It was then off to lunch.
What a fun day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Well, it has been a long time since I have writen in my blog.  What has it been that has taken me away from working on my writing?  Well, my husband RETIRED.  Yep, now there are 2 of us fumbling about in the house.  Actually, it has been very nice having him around.  I am a blessed woman in this world that has married her best friend.  We love doing things together but also value each other differences and interests. 

Even though I have not written in this blog, it is not that I have given up idea collecting. You know when you think of something or see something great - like on pintrest, you put it on a list.  Yep- I have 3 small legal notepads full of lists. 

Somethings on these lists don't ever seem to change.  For instance the resolution list I write each January.  I have just given up on rewriting it- why waste the paper.  I just change the year at the top.  You know this list.  It starts out with I will lose xxx amount of pounds,  I will get in better shape- right now I have the circle mastered.  The tall rectangle is just too hard to strive for.  I will take more time to read,  The office will get organized/cleaned.(yep like that will ever happen)  etc.   All of these things are very good intentions but strive as I may, they are still out there in the universe floating around.

Travel on this list has been one thing that Russ and I have done a nice job with.  This winter we went to Costa Rica with 7 of our friends.  What a glorious time it was. The summer is here and Colorado is just too great to leave, but we will make a trip to my home state ND, for the town celebration of 125 years.  In between, we have a new tent- yep car camping here we come.  After spending 4 nights in a backpacking tent in the Tetons, we thought- camping is not that bad, but we do need a bit more space. So we got a tent hotel!  If you see us in the camp ground, come on over, the wine is fine.

Our grand daughter, just is tooo fun.  She has given us many smiles and many laughs.  We're so blessed to be able to be close and be involved in her life. Russ made her the neatest clothes rack for her dress up clothes for her birthday.  I painted it.  Just pure fun and joy. 

My art has taken off, guess that is where most of my creative side has gone.  On the list it to enter more shows and may even try to get into a gallery.  I am busy volunteering for our local art association, that is taking a ton of time, but I do enjoy all the people I am working with.  During the summer we paint outside every week. What a joy to work outside with the light and nature's colors.  In a couple of weeks I will be taking a class from an amazing artist- Lorenzo Chavez.  My brain will most likely pop for all I will learn and the list will be growning longer.

So one thing on my list is to get back to my writing.  It feels good to be working on getting my thoughts down.  I hope your life has been going well with only a few challenges.  For without the challenges, we wouldn't enjoy and cherish the good times now would we. 

Would love to hear how the world is going for you.  Drop me a comment if you have time or just put it on your list. :-)