Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sleep overs with a 2 year old

We have our lovely grand daughter for this weekend, while her parents are having some well deserved time  alone for their anniversary.   So we are having a blast playing with toys, digging for worms, and chasing the cat.  But the funniest was on our way to a friend's birthday party we pasted a bus.  Sing 'Wheels" Grandma she said.  so I start singing Wheels the the bus etc.  Then this very loud little voice said.  "Sing it POPS" (her name for grand pa.) Well we just about drove off the road from laughing.  So Pops sang along.  :)
As they say out of the mouth of babes. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The terrible TWOS

So now we are in the terrible two stage.  Actually, this is my favorite stage of growing up.  The world is so new, they are learning how to manipulate their world - good or bad,  it is the trial and error time.  So as a grandma, I need to tread lightly on what my child rearing style is and respect that of my grand daughter's parents.  So when the little one is throwing a fit, or being naughty - I need to refrain from laughing and be very supportive of my daughter putting her in time out.   Follow the mother's cue or the little one will learn that Grandma is a soft touch. ( which is true).  We can always go out for donuts or treats later.  :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reflecting on my adventures of being a new Grandma

Well, I am going to give blogging a try.  Our family just celebrated our 1st grand daughter's 2nd birthday.  One of the gifts we gave her was a photo album of her 1st year.  ( took me a year to put it together- I was thankful it wasn't a quilt for I'd still be working on it). In the process of making this album, I had a chance to reflect on all the blessings this little one has given us.  Now that she is talking up a storm, I can see that each visit will just get better and better.  I also realize that I will need to be very careful now that she 'picks up' everything you do and be supportive of her parents and follow their lead.   Being a grand parent is the best.