Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Best 'POPS" in the world

I am so proud to have a husband that is the best grandfather in the world.  He just loves his grand children, is silly with them, plays, and even takes a turn or two babysitting when I can't.  This means, he is dealing with diapers, feeding, getting little ones to sleep.  

Even though our children are close to us, we really don't get to see them all that often.  I do, as I am a care giver for the families, but Russ doesn't.  Many think that because you live close you see them all the time.  This past weekend we had a family brunch ( brunch is easier as little ones are in a good mood- remember dinner time when your children were young?)  which was the first time we all had been together since the middle of December!  What fun it was to have everyone in the kitchen.

Russ is the pancake/waffle maker,  M is the squirrel chaser, Bruce the dog, picks up crumb droppings from the babies.  We all take shifts eating, but that is okay.  You do what ever works.  After a couple of hours, everyone moves on, babies take a nap.  Man that time flys.

Pops, is special,  as he is helping with it all, in the mix of things and loving every minute.
Happy Birthday Pops.  You are one in a million.

I'm Back with 2 new Grandbabies!

The new year is beginning and I was thinking what do I want to do differently this time around?   I thought about how I started this blog, but then dropped it as life got so busy.  I so enjoy writing, so I am back!  

This past year, our family has grown by 2.  We welcomed in 2 new grand daughters born 6 days a part.  Maddie and Avery are just perfect, and Makenna is the best big sister ever.   Having babies around again is just a gift.  As you all know, they change so quickly, each already has their own personality.   

I am babysitting now 2 days a week.   This precious Grandma time is worth it. My golf buddies/hiking/mahjong buddies we are all in the same boat babysitting for our grand children.  Not full time, but 1 day a week.  We have arranged it so we are mainly out the same time, so that has been wonderful.  How to balance it all.

Already 11 months have passed and the babies are almost 1 year old.  I was at a Twinkle Baby library time with Maddie today and it is fun to watch how all these little ones are progressing.  Another Grandparent  ( there are 4 of us in this group) and I commented how much we enjoy these babies, even more so than our own at that age.  We figured we were so busy working, trying to stay afloat that many of our own children's actions were missed by us.  Another reason why being a grand parent is just grand.    

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Hear the Train a -comin It's comin down the track

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Not only do I wish that you have a great time with family, but hope that we all remember the ones that have gone before us.  As I get older, I see that family genetics is stronger than one thinks. Good and the Bad.  So I celebrate the good gift my family genetics has given me and hopefully the lessons that I have learned.

This Friday I went plein air painting with friends in our community.  Our subject was an old train that had been a resturant at one time.  We all have wonderful memories of eating there, but now the place was totally in shambles.  We thought we'd paint it before it was taken down.

It was a lovely day, a bit on the chilly side but I was painting- so how could it be wrong. I did warn my friends that the train did come quite frequently on these tracks.  Sure enough - ding ding ding when the road guards and here came the train.

We were all excited to have this real touch of chugga chugga choo choo.   About an hour later, here came a railroad pick-up down the track.   Hm ladys, we need  you to move!  OOOPs,  well good thing we were about done painting.  It was then off to lunch.
What a fun day!