Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mirror, Mirrow on the wall, I am my mother after all!!!!!

I can't believe I did this!!!!!!   I rearranged my daughter's kitchen cabinets.  Yep you heard right.  When my mom would come to visit, she would be HELPFUL  and redo my kitchen cabinets.  It would take me weeks to find things and get them put back the way I liked them.  Then she would visit and do it AGAIN!!!!  

Wellllll, this week I was babysitting and my daughter's silverware drawer was a mess.  I know that time is precious and she didn't have time to organize,  the baby was sleeping soooooo   I fell over to the dark side and rearranged her silverware drawer!  Just couldn't help myself.  All the while I was saying,  -- boy I remember when my mom did this for me and I HATED IT.  But did that stop me?   NO 

I didn't leave a note or anything for I was hoping she wouldn't notice.  I could have been creative and said the 'great pumpkin was here' but nope.  So the next day, I went to the farm with her to help pick vegies.  I didn't say a word,  just smiled. :)   She didn't say anything till it got to be lunch time.  " So do all mom's have to rearrange their daughter's kitchens?"  I just smiled :)  We then chuckled,  I promised I wouldn't do it again,  BUT   ........

So have you caught yourself doing something your mother did, and you just hated it, but to find there you are doing it too? 
Would love to hear your story.

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