Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Best 'POPS" in the world

I am so proud to have a husband that is the best grandfather in the world.  He just loves his grand children, is silly with them, plays, and even takes a turn or two babysitting when I can't.  This means, he is dealing with diapers, feeding, getting little ones to sleep.  

Even though our children are close to us, we really don't get to see them all that often.  I do, as I am a care giver for the families, but Russ doesn't.  Many think that because you live close you see them all the time.  This past weekend we had a family brunch ( brunch is easier as little ones are in a good mood- remember dinner time when your children were young?)  which was the first time we all had been together since the middle of December!  What fun it was to have everyone in the kitchen.

Russ is the pancake/waffle maker,  M is the squirrel chaser, Bruce the dog, picks up crumb droppings from the babies.  We all take shifts eating, but that is okay.  You do what ever works.  After a couple of hours, everyone moves on, babies take a nap.  Man that time flys.

Pops, is special,  as he is helping with it all, in the mix of things and loving every minute.
Happy Birthday Pops.  You are one in a million.

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