Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend 'Work" Fun

This past weekend my family and I were at our mountain cabin for a 'work' weekend.  You see, we purchased a fixer upper cabin that we have been redoing in the inside, but the poor outside was in great need of a new paint job.   Our family of course was wrangled into being our painting crew. 

My husband being the engineer, had everything organized from brushes to ladders.  Everyone 'chose their weapon" ( paint brush and bucket) and the fun began.  I too, had planned what I do best,  the food!!!!  Turkey was in the oven - ( turkey is not for only holidays) and I too went to paint. 

Now please remember, we have a 2 year old and a Swiss Mt Dog, that can bring down a ladder with his tangled lead.  So not only was I trying to do some painting, but the babysitting was a bit precarious!   We all took turns entertaining the 2.  Eventually the dog settled down in the shade, butttttttttt not the 2 year old.  So we got her also involved with the 'painting'.  With brush in hand and a bucket of water,  she painted the trees, the rocks, the dog  what ever she could find.  busy, busy, busy

After a day on the ladders, dripping with painting spots ( I am a messy painter)  and chasing after little ones,  we were all exhausted.  That turkey smelled really good! 
We were filling our faces with yummy food and talked about how much "FUN" we all had working our patooties off!  You heard me right' FUN!   For you see, painting a house is like being on a road trip.  You are all a captured audience.   The stories, conversations, silliness that was shared those hours is priceless.   Yes the house looks wonderful, the painting crew was tops,  but the time we all had together was great. 

I hope that you all have a 'work' day where you can have your children be a captive audience.   Working together was so bonding ( and exhausting) but I got to know my son-in-laws in a different light and my daughters as they joked and kidded with each other.   What a great weekend it was.

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