Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's up with Blinkers!!!!!!

What’s up with Blinkers!!!!

Okay, What is up with these cars not having any blinkers?   These past couple of weeks I have been on the road A LOT and I must say the use of blinkers is almost non-existent!   Old cars, new cars, SUV cars, pick-ups, trucks- fast cars and slow cars.  Seems like non of them have blinkers that work. 

What I really love are the very expensive cars- like a Lexus, that don’t have blinkers.  I believe it does come with the purchase price!  

This week, I have had to  screeched to a halt, by a person deciding IF they should turn or not,  then proceeds to turn.  Waited for a car to come out onto the intersection, for them to make a right turn!   Errrrrrr

It would make me a very rich person, if I was to collect a quarter for every car that didn’t use their blinkers. 
So PLEASE be respectful and use that lever on the side of your steering wheel that makes the lights on the back side of your car go – BLINK, BLINK, BLINK.
We ALL  would so appreciate it. 

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