Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Stupid Stuff We Do

This week I did something really 'stupid'.  Now I don't like to use that 's' word often, but in this case it is the perfect word.  

I was making dinner - actually cooking- and not ordering out for my hubby.  Mexican was on the menu, so I was cleaning an avocado.  I grabbed the paring knife I was using to 'stab' out the pit.  Well, you can imagine what happened!  I missed the pit and the knife  went right in  my hand.  2+ cm

Being one who has had her fill of stiches, I knew that this punture wound would not need one,  but the fact that I couldn't feel my finger,  said I had better go get it checked out.   So off to the ER we went.

They cleaned it out, put glue on it ( the new kind of stitch) and said I was lucky I didn't cut any tendons or MAJOR nerves.  There is some nerve damage and it will take a while for the numbness to go away.  GREAT

So now, I am learning how to work mainly with one hand.  My golf game is on hold, and also many other things.  Did I know better than to stab my avocado- of course!  But I was busy chatting ( hard to believe) and just grabbed the closes knife.  STUPID

How many times have we done something and we KNOW better, but we just go ahead.  yep i bet we all have done at least one or 2.   What were your moments of doing 'stupid' stuff?

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