Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer fun

Summer has arrived here in Colorado!  We have had such an unusual spring- cold etc, snow in mountains is STILL there.  So now having warm weather is a blessing. 

Gardening is one of my many passions. Spending time tending it and watching it grow is such a pleasure.  My children always laughed at me, when I would walk out with my morning coffee and talk to my plants.  You know, give them a bit of encouragement to grow.   Well, now those same children are coming to me for gardening advice.  Pretty funny.

In our area, community gardens are all the rage.   People are planting vegies, supporting local farmers, talking about organic measures etc. It is really exciting to see, that this 'old' standby  summer task is back in style.   One can understand the reason when you see the news and hear of outbreaks of e-coli, stories of pesticides and the cost of groceries today.  Community gardens bring people together and also instill the sense of where our food comes from.

When some friends came over for a bar-b-q many years ago, there little boys ran out to my garden.  I told them to pick what ever they wanted.  Well, one little guy came back with a carrot and the biggest smile you could imagine.  He just realized that the carrot came from the ground and not only from a store.  We rinsed it off and there he just chomped on it.   What pleasure both he and I  had. 
Now he is an adult and will still mention that wonder of a carrot.

My daughter lives in a townhome, so her garden is a container garden.  Today my little grand daughter was showing me how big her vegies have gotten. She is so excited to eat her lettuce and such.   There are so many lessons to learn from even a small patio garden.   How to plant and care for something; having to wait for it to be the right size; and lastly how to enjoy the fruits of your work.  Wonderful lessons.

So I hope you enjoy the pleasures of gardening, no matter what the size.  Next will be the joys of out smarting the bugs, then finally the harvest.  Now that I am retired, harvest is so much more enjoyable.  For I don't have to deal with all these wonderful veggies at night and can enjoy the time in my kitchen, preparing yummy dishes.  

What do you like to grow?  My favorite is peppers, but this year, I am trying fingerling potatoes, and of course the star of my garden is Kale.

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