Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just call me Grandma

Was watching the 'View' yesterday and part of the discussion was about being called Grandma.   It is interesting to hear all the 'new' names for being a grand parent.   Now I already know Nana, Oma   but did you know there is EVEN a website of ALL the different names for being a grandma.  Granted some are just the word for a particular language, but some of them are just artsy!

So what is the deal with being called Grandma?  Just like getting gray hair, which I always teased my students each gray hair had one of their names on it, I suppose it is a sign of getting older.  But is that really a bad thing?  Do you want to be in your 20's again?  I just love being called Grandma.  To me it means someone little is an extension of my family.  A little piece of love that I will now have the priviledge of watching grow up.  It means I have someone to make cookies for; teach how to dig worms in the garden; take on a hike; go to their school events, and more. 

As Grandma, I can teach them the  pieces about our family that make us unique, and share our values.  It also means, that when I get tired, I can give them back to their parents and smile. 

Being a Grandparent is the frosting on the cake of life.  I know of people whose children for many reasons do not have children, and how they wish they could be a Grandma/pa.  Also many children, who grow up without having a grandparent to pass down the traditions/memories.  This position in life is a special place in our family structure.  Too many times, we are so caught up in our lives of trying to get rid of the wrinkles, gray hair, and trying to stay young that we forget the priviledge of growing older.   I want to be the grandma, that I saw in one of the children's books who rides a motorcycle, climbs mountains, reads and tells great stories, digs worms in the garden and pretends she is a lion that can roar!   Boy being a Grandma is GRRRRREAT-- oh that is from Tony the Tiger! :)

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