Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grandma's Fitness Class

Well, my little 2 year old grand daughter is going to get me trim yet! Today she and I were out on one of our adventures and boy did I get a workout.

We were at the local library for story time.  What a great librarian they have here, she really gets the kids and the adults up and moving.  Being I am a retired Kindergarten teacher, I prefer being one of the 'moving' adults.  We were doing the bunny hop, marching around the room etc.  That was no problem.  The main challenge is getting one up and down from the floor!   Now you would think that I am used to this since I WAS a Kinde teacher, but my knees are not buying it anymore.  So that was round 1

The second round of fitness, was the chase.  For you see there is a lovely pond outside of the library. We had brought duck food, but couldn't find any ducks today.  For some reason my little one decided to do quick dashes for the water to entertain herself.  Well, as you know, 2 year olds have no idea of the danger they are in.  So as she was dashing, so was I.  You could imagine how this 'game' wore off quickly for me.  But I must say, for a grandma, I am pretty fast, but she can turn really quick. Luckily none of us got wet, but it was too close for my comfort. 

Getting her attention redirected, led us to the areas of construction.  You know, the places where they are doing some sort of improvement and have put up yellow ribbons to keep you 'off the grass or such'.  Well these are just TOOOOO tempting for a 2 year old, and did I mention she was really quick!  You can image how fast she went under those ribbons.   Soooo I had to also follow, for she was not going to listen and come back, as this game was way too much fun.  Picking her up in a football hold, we got out of there quickly.

I feel like I have done my cardio, weight lifting and stretching all in that adventure.  Guess I can cancel my fitness classes for today.  We're all taking naps!

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