Wednesday, May 11, 2011

learning curve

Well, blogging is just a great learning curve.  I love to write, to tell stories, play games etc.  but trying to figure out how to do other tasks other than just posting is being a challenge. 

Being a grandma is also a learning curve.  It is always a challenge when your children 'do things differently'.  I remember when my mom would tell me 'what I should do' and how I cringed.  Even though she never said it in those words, when she would 'suggest' something I would just roll my eyes.  Now I find myself in this position and understand what a challenge it is to sit back and just be an observer. Not easy.   So I pray for patience and for wisdom, to be a better listener, to observe where I can help out without getting too involved, and to provide wisdom when asked. 

Grand parents today have a very different role than what our children's grandparents did.  You may have been lucky to have a hands on grand parent, or maybe your grand parent was one where children were seen and not heard.  Today, I see my fellow grand parents being more of the hands on.  We were with our own children - involved with their developing lives so we have just carried it over to the grand children.  But the challenge is to not be over being, wanting to be overly involved. 

So what are your challenges as a grandparent?  We all have them.  Maybe you are a distant grandparent. Are you the grandparent that is just around the corner and need more of your own space?   Do you want to shower the children with all the darling things you find; or would you like to take them out for donuts- but the parents won't have their children eating 'that stuff'.   Would love to hear what your story is. 

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