Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sprinkle Donuts

Well the grand baby is sleeping so I have a few minutes to write. It is a rainy kind of day, so we went out to the park early to feed the ducks and swing.  Always a good time, but then it began to sprinkle!  So back in the car we went to get SPRINKLE DONUTS!  Now these are a real treat as this little one doesn't get many sweets, but it was rainy and the bakery was not far away.

The joys of simple pleasures.  You would have thought that donut was a million dollars!   The way this little one looked it over, smiled with squeals then picked off a few sprinkles.  It took at least 30 plus minutes to get part way through this donut. Savoring each bite,  'clinking' her glass with my coffee cup for 'cheers' ( wonder where she learned that) inbetween the smiles and showing her prize to anyone that walked by. 

Well, the rain stopped so back to the park we went again.  So I wish for you something to enjoy -- a bit of happiness SPRINKLED in your day. 

PS,  when I figure out how to download a picture, you will see that smile.

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